We farm unicorns.

About us

AlpenX is a digital innovation farm based in Zug, Swiss crypto valley, that invests in early stage fintech and blockchain projects, providing them with guidance and financial resources to unlock their full potential.


With over 20 years of experience in the financial sector, from asset and risk management to investments, we have all it takes to assess and plan the right strategy and to ensure efficient resource allocation.

IT & Dev

Blockchain is for us no black magic, our solidity team is in the game since 2016 and has an impressive record of 50+ projects deployed and listed on major exchanges.


Our in-house department has been curating crypto asset marketing since 2017 with outstanding quality and consistent success stories.

Legal & Regulation

Fintech industry is dynamic and sudden regulation changes can lead to major impacts on the whole ecosystem. To best tackle these challenges we are backed by a team of legal advisors with longstanding experience in TradFi and DeFi regulatory frameworks.

We speak Crypto

Pioneers in Web 3.0, our partners operate in this sector since 2012, have crowdfunded Ethereum and supported it since its inception.


To scale, projects need a broad network to foster synergies and accelerate growth. Our network relies on experienced professional across countries and industries.

Learn from the past to make a better future. This is what we're about.

Our achievements, lessons and skills learned down the road are what make us unique in the fintech and crypto landscape. Experience taught us that the line between success and failure in early stage projects is thin,too.

So here’s the deal: 

You bring the Idea, a Vision, your Talent and we match them with our resources and competences with the aim to shape a better future, together.

Approach & Research

The difference between success and failure is implementation. And we're here for that:

Outbound & Inbound Scouting

We actively research for projects through different online and offline channels while also investing hours in reviewing submitted applications.

Business Validation

Our first seed investment aims at validating business ideas. Goal is to provide you with the necessary resources to reach the desired audience and to get prepared to scale up.

Scale Up

Once successful validation occurs, we commit to support the research of the right investors to achieve fast and sustainable scaling.

AlpenX Methodology

Invest X Build X Scale

Projects in our portfolio get seed investments with the goal to successfully drive through all checkboxes on our XList®.

 Create a Minimum Viable Product

✓ Gather Feedbacks x Adapt x Pivot

✓ Know your market

✓ Team building & Alchemy

✓ From Alpha to Beta >_ Have your product tested by a small audience

Learn x Refine x Improve

✓ Ready to scale up

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Where we are

Did you know that we're based in Zug, Switzerland's CryptoValley, at a stone's throw from Ethereum Foundation?

Social & Contacts

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